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What is a 301 redirect?moved-location-301-redirect

A 301 redirect is a redirect that is permanent. This means if you would create a redirect with statuscode ‘301’, you are actually telling the searchengines that ‘this page have moved permanent to a new location’. This way the authority is passed on from the old page, to the new page.

“With a 301 redirect you are telling search engines: We have moved to a new location!”

Is it important to use 301 redirects?

Yes its very important to use 301 redirects all the time. Each time you remove a page, post or category that has been indexed by search engines the authority of that page will be lost. Thats why we would suggest that each time you remove a page, post or category, that you should create an redirect to a simular page, post or category. Make sure the page you send them is relevant to the page you had before. If you we’re talking about cars, make sure that new page is also about cars. If you would send the new page to one that has no ‘relation’ to the old one, search engines will possibly give this page a lower rank.

301 redirect and the Perfect SEO Url plugin

301 redirects are part of the success of the Perfect SEO Url plugin. When you install the plugin the products and categories will receive new urls. We automatically redirect them to the new urls. You never have to worry about SEO loss, because its all done automatically.

Difference between 301 and 302 redirect

You can also have 302 redirects. The status code ‘302’ means that the page, post or category is moved temporary to a other location. This is used for splash pages or temporary pages that will be refreshed in a short while. All authority will stay on the ‘original’ location.