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What is the best url structure for WooCommerce?

We will show you multiple setup options

There are a lot of theories about the perfect url structure for WooCommerce webshops. We will provide you information about the experience from our customers and their SEO results. This post will tell you how to setup the best url structure for WooCommerce in a nutshell.

Important SEO and indexing rules:

  • Make sure the product is reachable within 3 clicks from any point
  • Make sure the product is in a category or subcategory
  • Make the name of your product is making sense and make sure there is a recognizable keyword in it

Do not put to much keywords in your category or product names/ urls. This will harm your indexation. 

Option 1: all categories + product in the url structure

The url structure will be: 


This url structure contains a category, subcategory and the product name.

Option 2: only the product name in the url

The product url structure will be: 


This url structure is mostly used by large webshops with thousands of products. Its easy to maintain and has no limitations nor complex category url structures.

Setting up the url structure from option 1:

1. Go to: settings > permalinks

2. Click on 'custom structure'

Change your common settings to ‘custom structure’ and add /%category%/%postname%/

3. Change your product permalink base

Change the ‘custom base’ and add /product/%product_cat%

4. Optional: add a base url structure

If you want to setup a base url (like /shop or /store)

Setting up the url structure from option 2:

Results with having a great url structure

There are dozens of customers who have contacted us to let us know how the new url structure is performing. In most cases the number of visitors growths with 20-30%. For example, if your webshop has 1000 visitors each month and it grows with 200 visitors your sales will go up logically.