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About us

You are about to read the least important story on this website.

Perfect SEO Url is founded by a digital marketing specialist and a die-hard WordPress developer. They both have over a decade experience. WordPress and WooCommerce is in their hearts, they’ve been working with the WordPress platform since 2008. 

Perfect SEO Url has over thousands enthusiastic users all over the world, from the United Status to Brazil. Because of the fluent integration with the world’ most used WordPress plugins the Perfect SEO Url is successful and well appreciated amongst their community. The Perfect SEO Url is always there to expand the online reach of all WooCommerce webshops.

Since the start the number 1 reason for distributing this plugin is making WooCommerce even better. Its always competing with Magento for instance. The benefits of using the Perfect SEO Url plugin are improved SEO results and smoother looking urls which look more professional.

We hope that everyone who uses the Perfect SEO Url will share their website and SEO performances with us so we can upgrade our plugin with the input from the community as well.

We have seen lots of competitors in the market, coming and leaving. Don’t forget: we have been here since 2014. We believe in your continuity.

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Thousands of very happy users worldwide

WooCommerce shops using Perfect SEO Url

Since we started with the development of the Perfect SEO Url plugin in 2014, many of our clients are hooked. The plugin works out of the box. These are some of our clients that are using or have been using this WooCommerce plugin. You can also check out our demo shop.