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You want to remove “/product/” from the WooCommerce product slug? This is something a lot of SEO-minded people want, because WooCommerce is fantastic! But this is a major issue when you to optimize your webshop for search engines.

How to delete the product slug in WooCommerce

The biggest reason for developers and SEO engineers to remove the product slug is because the URL structure isn’t clean. Clean url’s are prescribed by Google. As a result websites and webshops with clean url’s would achieve better search engine ranking. There is even lots of documentation available from the Google Webmastertools that support the idea that clean url’s would give you better ranking. This makes the idea of having clean url’s in WooCommerce more important.

Before deleting the product slug in WooCommerce:


After deleting the product slug in WooCommerce:



Is it easy to delete the product slug?

Well there are dozens of plugins and manuals available that tell you how to delete the product slug. We read all manuals, tried all plugins and variations of configuration but none of them worked. So what was the next step: Developing a new plugin that does work and make it work out of the box! Without configuration the plugin should delete the product in WooCommerce instantly. But as you might know, if the URL changes without redirecting, the visitors would see the 404 page. That’s why the Perfect SEO Url plugin automatically creates redirects, from the old URL to the new URL. That’s why its entirely safe to delete the product slug, without having to worry about ranking and dead-ends.

WooThemes claims it to be not possible, really? Check out our demo and see for yourself.


The exact lines in the WooThemes website:

“Unfortunately this is not possible due to the way WordPress resolves its URLs. It uses the ‘product-category’ (or any other text for that matter) base of an URL to detect that it is an URL leading to a product category.”

Why would you choose the Perfect SEO Url plugin?

  • Deletes the product slug immediately
  • Out of the box solution
  • Automatically creates redirects
  • The best WooCommerce SEO plugin


Results of deleting the WooCommerce product slug

When the beta version of the Perfect SEO Url plugin was released and tested in several live performing WooCommerce shops there were some major improvements. First of all it was clearly visible that individual products gained better Google ranking. The Google Webmastertools showed improvement that targeting on keywords became significantly easier. Overall scores after installation of the plugin went up to 30% more visitors.


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