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Did you know that it is possible to remove /product/ /product-category/ or /shop/ from the WooCommerce urls? This is plugin the cleanest, fastest and best fix to resolve this issue. The Perfect SEO Url will remove it all and even create redirects, so there will be no loss in performance or indexation. The plugin will make sure that there will be duplicate urls.


1.5 year development leads to 30% more SEO success

After 1.5 year of development the Perfect SEO Url plugin for WooCommerce has arrived. And the best of all: it has proven is stability and success already! The reviews we receive from WooCommerce shops who have installed the plugin show that 30% more traffic and better ranking is common.

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So how does it work removing the /product/ /product-category/ or /shop/?

The Perfect SEO Url plugin first removes the slug from all urls. Even when there are 15.000 or more products, afterwards the rewriting process starts. All redirects, from products, categories and the base url, will be added. The plugin is highly intelligent and makes sure that no page or category will be missed during this rewriting process. In the WordPress back-end you will immediately see the new and clean urls. Your new urls will be visible and ready to use within a split second. We also make sure that your new urls will be added to the YOAST XML sitemap, because the chance is statistically high that you are using YOAST SEO as well. Thats why we make sure that it works seamlessly with the YOAST plugins.




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