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No duplicate content

Duplicate content is one of the things you don't want to have. The plugin will make sure your product always has one unique canonical url. Even when its available at multiple destinations.

Google friendly & optimized

Google advices you to use clean urls. This plugin removes the unnecessary slug "/product" and "/product-category". Perfect SEO url will improve your url structure to a new level.

Redirect old urls to new

Old product and category urls will automatically be redirected to the new one. You will never lose your online authority and visitors will never see the 404 page in your WooCommerce webshop.

Url based breadcrumbs

The most loved function of the Perfect SEO Url plugin. Activating this function ensures that the breadcrumb will be identical to the url where the product is being watched at the moment.

Unlimited product urls

Its possible for a product to have multiple urls and still have the same endpoint. This way you can add your product to multiple categories in WooCommerce.

Plug and Play plugin

After installation, the plugin will change your urls immediately. No programming knowledge is required. You will receive this out of the box solution for only $ 119,-

Remove "/product" and "/product-category" now...

Features and functionalities unlimited

The Perfect SEO Url plugin has a lot more functions then only removing the product and product-category slug.

The functionalities that can be managed from the settings tab in WooCommerce are explained in the functions and features pages..

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WooCommerce shops using Perfect SEO Url

Since we started with the development of the Perfect SEO Url plugin in 2014, many of our clients are hooked. The plugin works out of the box. These are some of our clients that are using or have been using this WooCommerce plugin. You can also check out our demo shop.